Imagine+ Media

We are a highly flexible and consultative branding agency which seeks to help corporates maximise financial returns on marketing investment. our core solution is imagination beyond the scope of mind.

Established in 2018, Imagine+ is one of the fastest growing media companies in the country and with an eye beyond our region. We have dedicated ourselves to making brands that turn heads and impact on revenue for our crucial customers who have entrusted their brands with us. 

Our Customers are 100% world-class and drawn from industries such as:-
  • Insurance sector 
  • Banking and Finance
  • Government Departments
  • Ministries
  • NGOs
  • Mining Companies
  • Telecomms Companies
  • Agric & Livestock Companies
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
                   …and so on

We believe in the combined power of creativity, imagination and implemented strategy.

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Our Company Profile


Our 2020 Brochure


Our Team:

Tafadzwa E. Kumani
Chairman & C.E.O
Creative Director
Joseph Mukawu
Finance Director
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We are a dedicated, professional and hardworking full-service media company!

We easily provide customization for the many different high-visibility and high-impact promotional adverts and signs your business needs to help support your goals and establish your unique brand.

No matter whether it’s high-visibility decals, window graphics, banners, wraps, floor graphics, lettering, vinyl clings, website, animated advert or any other promo material you have in mind, our  team will deliver your need promptly, professionally, and we pay attention to each and every detail.

How we implement?

Our brand design team plans these steps by creating storyboards, flow diagrams, and UX mockups. This step is paramount to the success of any concept.

A creative plan for your idea, technology, product, or service.

Creating a brand is more than just logos and websites. It’s a cohesive, consistent strategy.

We ensure your brand values are represented from design to installation.

We create the logos, aesthetic, imagery, and production necessary to get your brand noticed and remembered.

Sketches, storyboards, diagrams, mockups— they’re all part of our design process.

We ensure your creative work is produced properly. We handle all printing, sourcing, and production in-house.

Upon completion of the concept of production we are keen and confident to market your products and services through different channels such as social media, personal selling and cold calling etc.

Our ever online presence ensures we keep track with the latest and trending marketing concepts around the world on your brand’s behalf. We make sure you remain in sync with wonderful brands in the world.

More Branding News?


Branded A2 Aluminium Snapper Frame

Was US$25- Discounted to-

$ 20.00

Other sizes in Stock

Choice of 2 types- Square Corners or Rounded Corners

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Our Secret Sauce

Impactful and effective Customer Indoor, Outdoor and Online market presence.

See what set us apart.

Our process is transparent

Prior to commencing a job a client is given a job card with anticipated deadlines and timelines.

We are so goal oriented such that we are keen to knock off 10% each day we delay delivery. That's how valuable time is to our work ethic.

We listen to our clients carefully

Our approach is consultative in scope. We believe that the organisation is the philosophy of the CEO or client. Hence,prior to a project we consult and gain product appreciation from the client.

We transform into each client's ambassador or marketing division with the objective being to see through the client's lenses or prospective.

We provide custom solutions

Every Client is unique, every client has a different taste. So is the Vision and Mission, hence, all our marketing and media solutions are tailor-made to meeet the specific needs of each client

We are very flexible , agile and fluid. We are shape shifters. Engage us today and experience our personal touch.

Get a banner for every occasion

 Our products and Design Service are modern, robust, and coherent and this is how we remain effective.

Impactful and effective for Indoor, Outdoor and Roadside Marketing

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Areas covered at a glance


E- Marketing


Corporate Wear & Gifts

dye sub fabric




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Our Work Process ?

We discuss your needs, goals, visit your facility if needed, make smart suggestions and recommendations, and work together to develop the right media or sigbranding for your unique needs, budget, business, and location.

With a full staff of talented graphic designers, programmers and fabricators, we can take your ideas and convert them into an actionable plan and physical design for you to review and visualize in your space. With your feedback and suggestions, our experts draft a finalized design for you to approve before handing over your  project to our management and production team.

With a focus on environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient production, we strive to minimize waste throughout all of our processes.


Our sign installers work with an eye for detail, making sure that all elements are properly fitted, securely attached, and professionally placed for maximum appeal. 


From shopfront branding to banners, posters,  and everything in between, we are your single source for impactful, attractive, and professional branding and graphics.

E-Marketing Services

Where to Find Us

17 Sunderland Road, Belvedere, Harare

+263 242252430


View our brochure for an easy to read guide on new products and the services on offer.


Branding Services

Visual communication media displays are important to present branding in business and product awareness to potential customers, utilizing the craft of programming and graphic design to capture their interest and the message to educate those who view it. The more educated potential clients are about your services and products the more likely they are to purchase from you!

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Make your event awesome with

die-sub print materials

Available in stock. Materials + stands

Digital & Lithographic Prints

We Design and Print Fliers, Posters a- any size, Brochures, Magazines, Booklets, Notebooks, School Writing Books, Answer Sheets, Exam Sheets, Book Publishing and many more…

Order Prints

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Don’t leave your brand up to chance. let Imagine+ fly your vision!

Challenge us! Creating unique, attractive, and impactful custom branding solutions for our local partners allows us to utilize our problem solving and creative skills to deliver for you. We make your messaging stand out and create unique and unforgettable finishes for your custom media elements.




Professional embroidery for Corporate Wear, School Wear, Name Tags and Institutions Regalia Branding Services.


Our Tailors and clothing designers have an international eye when it comes to fashionable T-shirts and Corporate Wear to match your campaign and event. T-shirts available in Golf, Round Neck etc, Cotton or Sports Material.



For Sale!

We Manufacture and Print Quality trending T-shirts, Golfs, Hoods and other corporate wear for your campaigns and events. We also sell plain t-shirts.



Poly Cotton Tshirts

100% polycotton





Synthetic Tshirts

100% polycotton





Photography, Videography and Animation

We have a vibrant, passionate team of designers, programmers and photographers manning our studio.


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