From staff uniforms to corporate events wear all at amazing prizes.
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We live in a world where brand is king.
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Don’t just think of the classics – T-Shirts, polos, hoodies – as there are plenty of other options that can enhabce your brand.

We offer creative advice on Corporate Wear
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As well as sourcing a wide range of clothing products, the team at RD Apparel also offer creative support when you place an order.

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Create a unique identity for your business apparel with our unique corporate-wear range.

Create the look you envision with Imagine+ Apparel’s comprehensive in-house custom capabilities.

With our custom designs you can achieve the image you want in a wide range of styles, colors and fabrics

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Imagine+ Apparel

Imagine+ Apparel strives to supply quality apparel that fits comfortably. We provide detailed Career-Wear selections, Fit Guides and Sizing.


Founded in 2018 Imagine+ Apparel have grown to become one of the country’s leading suppliers of staff uniform and branded corporate clothing. Our excellence of service, advice and experience, keen pricing, flexible capabilities, in-house branding and online ordering have enabled us to build a diverse and loyal blue-chip customer base and become a key player in our sector.


The corporate wear industry is ever changing. The team at Imagine+ Apparel is committed to keeping pace with this always developing market. We regularly visit trade shows and work closely with our key suppliers to enhance our product knowledge and gain insight into new products and trends. All of which enables us to give our clients the very best brands.

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We're Unique

Whatever your corporate needs, we supply high-quality apparel that go beyond your expectations.

The key to a professional appearance is a perfect fit and satisfied uniform wearers. To succeed, we put attention to each employee’s sizing needs and ensure the garments fit just right. We also travel around the world to source the ideal corporate wear for our clients.

Corporate Wear Range

Shirts, waistcoats, pants, sweaters, ties, outerwear and bespoke accessories. Our solutions serve all your needs for professional corporate clothing. 

We create a uniform package comprising of all items needed to dress your staff in style – from jackets to gloves. If your staff needs it, we can source it or rather design and create it.

Have your male staff represent your brand in a professional and stylish fashion. We supply bespoke corporate wear that caters to your needs.


Corporate wear


Corporate wear

Dress your female staff in stylish business attire and create a professional look that represents your brand in true style.

Imagine+ Apparel

The Best Swag

Skirt or slacks? Tights or bare legs? Sandals or pumps? These are the questions you might find yourself asking each morning as you select work attire. 

And, depending on the dress code your company enforces, you could be spot on – or woefully off-base in your fashion choices.

From Workwear to performance Gear, and anything in-between

Create the look you envision with Imagine+ Apparel’s comprehensive in-house custom capabilities. With custom designs you can achieve the image you want in a wide range of styles, colors and fabrics.


Our CASUAL collection proves that you can do business successfully in a more laid-back style. Sporty jackets and blazers worn with chinos or jeans make a casual but smart and attractive impression.

T-Shirt Wear

Our T-shirts and polo shirts are kind to the skin and retain their shape well. They are ideal for a smart look in a more informal setting.

We invite you to try our fast service, low prices guaranteed and secure easy order process for your next promotion needs. Rush orders available upon request, fast quotes in minutes.

Custom and ready-made solutions designed for corporate needs.

Dress codes are unwritten, but yet accepted as an important aspect of human appearance.

We provide guidance through every step of the process: from initial brief to launch of the new corporate look. Custom solutions come in a variety of styles, colors, fabrics, details and accessories. Client needs determine the solution we create and vary in look and feel to match your corporate identity.

Create cool custom gear to unite your team.

 Show appreciation for clients, employees, colleagues, investors and more while building your brand and creating more exposure for your business.

To ensure a perfect fit and comfortable wear for all staff members, we conduct fitting sessions at client locations and perform alterations when needed. The result is happy wearers and a staff that stands out. With a corporate wear solution from Imagine+ Apparel, your employees will appear professional and represent your brand in style.

Auxiliary Services

If required, we alter and customize the garments according to individual employee measurements. This results in a professional fit and corporate wear that employees enjoy to wear.

It goes without saying that you want your employees to look smart on any day.

We believe that every piece we work on deserves the most exclusive care. For us, corporate wear is much more than the process of developing a uniform: it is a symbol of your company’s identity and mission. An element that promotes the commitment and sense of belonging of each employee. A part of something bigger.

Electrical and Home

Life Gets Easier With Great Appliances

Create a cohesive look in your home with these beautifully curated home and kitchen appliance packages

Your staff will love our Corporate Wear selections just as much as they love the array of mix-and-match options.

Corporate clothing reinforces your corporate identity. It builds a sense of pride and belonging across staff members and makes employees easily recognizable to customers. 

As a corporate wear supplier, we offer both ready-made and tailored corporate wear for your specific branding needs.

Our uniform packages are fully customizable to comply with every need for personalization, from fabrics and fit to design and details. Other corporate clothing options pair ready-made garments with customized features.

Makes a good impression in aby environment.

We're a Premium corporate wear supplier

Our corporate wear uniforms cater to the needs of organizations and companies. A uniform solution from Imagine+ Apparel creates a coherent look and style across all customer touchpoints.

Worldwide Shipping

We can ship anywhere in the world.

Best Quality

Our collections are designed to mirror each business field particularities and requirements.

Best Offers

We offer amazing prices on exclusive corporate wear.


Once you order, you're guaranteed of a superior product.

What type of dress code does your office use?

The key to dress well is to dress right. Try not to overdress or underdress-this will make you feel out of place and awkward. Follow the dress code at your workplace.

Dress Code Tips

There are typically four types of corporate dress codes: business formal, business professional, business casual, and casual. Here are some general tips for both men and women for each category. 

If you work in law, regularly meet with executives, or otherwise hold a high-level position, you might be asked to come dressed “business formal” or in “boardroom attire.” This is the highest level of professional dress.

A step down from business formal, business professional clothing is still neat, conservative, and traditional, if a little more loose when it comes to color or pattern. Business professional is also sometimes called “traditional business.” Expect to present a professional appearance everyday, injecting personality into your outfits with your accessories and color choices.

Business casual is one of the more common dress codes these days, allowing employees to add personality to their workwear without looking unprofessional. In a business casual setting, you can expect a lot more in the way of color and accessories.

If you’re fortunate enough to work in a casual office, the trick is to avoid getting too casual or creative with your dress. Your co-workers make specific judgements regarding your capability based on your clothes, which may extend to employers as well. By arriving to work in casual clothes that are still neat, pressed, and appropriate for the type of work you do, you can make sure that a casual dress code isn’t holding you back.

Promotional Gifts

Promote your business and strengthen your brand with promotional products. Make an impact and secure leads with a variety of awesome items for every industry. Show your appreciation with stunning gifts.

We offer promotional business apparel, promo key tags, customized keychains, personalized office products, printed drink beverage, imprinted paper bags, tote bags, and many more high quality personalized printed items to market or brand your company or business. 

Imagine+ Apparel

Serving Our Clients into the Future

Every sector has its own distinctive features.

Our collections are designed to mirror each business field particularities and requirements.

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We offer a comprehensive range of ways to personalise your corporate clothing, from ties and scarves in a variety of colours to the perfect leather belt.

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